• It's time for tea!

It’s time for Tea!
The Alley LuJiaoXiang’s drinks create wonderful
stories for your lives. Replay your good memories now!

People tend to forget a cup of tea along the way, but they’ll certainly remember for
a long time the feeling when just having the first few sips of teas at The Alley LuJiaoXiang.

We are renowned for our careful tea selections, premium handcrafted ingredients,
and blend between traditional & creative brewing processes to create the perfect recipes.

Our goal is to serve customers with the best of the best and to see your smiles when
enjoying the beverages created with all of our hearts.

Let’s enjoy some amazing tea drinks during peaceful morning sunrise,
with friends and colleagues after a long day at work,
and share those stories with your loved ones at the end of every day. We promise:

Tastes of greatness - Feelings of excitement - Satisfactions in consistency
Desires for return - Happiness in life

That feeling of having an amazing cup of tea in the morning, after a long day at work, during the peak of achievements, with the loved ones, and in the small corner of your life will be felt at The Alley LuJiaoXiang – It’s Time For Tea!

Making our own sugar cane syrup每日熬煮蔗糖

We are committed to make our own sugar cane syrup. By picking the all natural, high quality sugar canes, boiling process in house creates the most original flavour. This sweetness is delicate but never overpowering.


Freshly handcrafted tapioca (Deerioca)手做新鮮珍珠—鹿丸 (Deerioca)

We insist on making the Deerioca from scratch: making the dough, kneading and rolling the dough into small balls, this procedure creates better texture and aroma for the tapioca. Each bite is unique, satisfying the craving for the perfect taste.


Carefully Selected Tea Leaves嚴選烘焙茶葉

Quality is our guarantee. From choosing the type of tea leaves, the hand-picking process and roasting with other ingredients, each cup of tea has its own determined aroma and taste. The flavour may be short-lived, the memory everlasting.


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